5 tips to cherish baby’s first year

When we see our baby for the first time, we all wish we could freeze that moment and remember it forever. Those newborn days passes by like a blur after all the sleepless nights and tiring days. Even though you know those days are so special, the details of those days fades away from our aging brain. These are just few tips I use to document those baby years to cherish for a lifetime and may be even for generations!

1) Video/picture documentation

We all try to take as many pictures as we can of our baby, they might be all over our phones and in different places in social media, but find a way to chronologically organize them. I use google photos to back up and organize different events and use Instagram and Snapchat stories for small video logs everyday. I love the memory feature on these apps, where you can see your memory for that day from years ago. I had also used an app called “baby snap” where you take a one second video everyday. First year is when you see your baby change the most and it’s just cool if you can keep up with it and look back at the video from birth to first year and see how much they have grown.

2) Journal

There are so many ways to journal. I use an app called “day one”, where you can also upload a photo of the day along with the journal and write away at your convenience. Sometimes it’s just not possible to sit down with a pen and diary when you are a new mom!!

3) Baby email account

We created a google account for our baby on the first week as parents and send monthly pics, milestone updates, thoughts and letters there. You can give your child the account access when they are 18, i think it would be a great birthday gift!!

4) Baby memory book

There are so many memory books out there, you could even create one if you are crafty, it’s a great place to jot down your thoughts and document milestones

5) Yearly picture books

This is a great way to organize events and keep photos organized, you could even add small notes as well, just have fun customizing. This is one tip that I have not completed myself but have seen some moms do and is in my wish list. 

I hope these tips gives or adds to your ideas of cherishing those baby years. They are only little once, make the most of every single day no matter how stressful your days get.

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