Simple free summer fun activities for kids

If there is a summer checklist for kids these should definitely be on it, sharing some summer fun ideas here:

1) Library kids activities

Most libraries have story times specific days of the week where they can interact with other kids and can also learn some songs. They also hold different activities based on age groups such as puppet shows, bubbles and lap sit music session. Check out your local library website to see whats offered in your area.

2) Visit a local farm or zoo

Any amount of time spend outdoors is quality time for a toddler. They can see the animals from their favorite nursery rhymes and story books come to life at a local farm or zoo. Some zoos offers free days for kids during summer. You can also find local farms where you can pick strawberries, there might be a small fee for most strawberry picking though but its well worth the memory

3) Gardening

Toddlers love to help out in the garden if you let them. They can help by pulling weeds, watering plants or planting seeds. Even if they make a mess, just let them be and they will remember these as sweet memories when they grow up. There is just so much joy in tending to a garden no matter what your age!

4) Free neighborhood fests

Most housing communities and local parks will host free events for kids throughout the summer months which can include kite flying, face painting, water play and more. Check out your local park or community calendar and dont miss out on these free summer fun activities

5) Picnic in the park

Watch the local weather and dont miss out on those gorgeous sunshine days to have quality time outdoors. Pack a small picnic lunch and head out to your favorite outdoor area nearby.

6) Water fun

Let them have some water fun, it can be in local pool or even a backyard mini pool or it can be a water table or a beach day. This is a no brainer but no summer fun list is complete without water fun right!!

7) Make ice cream in a bag

Thanks to busy toddler mom for this super creative fun summer activity to cool off on those hot summer days

8) Fly a kite

If you dont have a kite make a plastic kite, check out munchkins and moms for the compete DIY

9) Take a weekend day trip

There are so many nearby local gems you can explore. I am huge fan of the app “trip advisor” (not sponsored), no matter what city you live in, it gives you a list of local attractions and hidden spots you can explore.

10) Hike and bike trails

Stroll around the neighborhood or visit a local hike and bike trail and explore away with your little ones

Sometimes you don’t need to take a big vacation to have fun, simple fun stuff you do with your kids might be their favorite memories when they grow up. So have lots of simple and great adventures with your little munchkins!!

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