5 travel busy bag activities for toddlers

It is officially road trip season and travelling with toddlers needs a whole another game plan. It might seem impossible at times but it is doable with some amount of preparation from our part as parents. Think of it from the toddlers perspective, their active brains need to be fed often to keep them engaged. Break your trip down into 15 minute increments of your toddlers most likely awake time, each of those 15 minute increments requires a new activity to keep them engaged. If you are lucky they may find an activity interesting for more than 15 minutes sometimes less, just cross your fingers!!

We planned our trip during our toddlers nap time, so it gave us some time to ourselves to relax, I would highly recommend doing that to anyone out there. I also made a trip to the dollar store and bought a bunch of random activities that really helped us survive our trip. Here are 3 road trip activities to keep your toddler engaged:

  1. Water wow activity pad
Melissa & Doug On-the-Go Water Wow! Water-Reveal Activity Pad

These are mess free activity pads where they can color with water to reveal hidden pictures and the best part is once it dries the colors will fade away and they can color again.

2. Sticker activity books

I found these at the dollar store. You can create stories and let your toddlers imagination flow while playing with these. Being a younger toddler, our little one enjoyed sticking and peeling and repeating for a good amount of time.

3. Pipe cleaners

Pipe cleaners are one the best open ended toys that are easy to take along on travels and has endless creative potentials. You can make stick figures, animals, and use them as teaching tools to help them learn colors, or make letters out of them to help them recognize and learn alphabets. You can also have them insert it into cardboard holes or something similar to that for fine motor control development. The possibilities of creative play are endless!!

4. Flashcards

You can find similar ones on Amazon or in Dollar Store. You dont have to break the bank for these simple activities. These are fun and great learning tools.

5. Simple puzzles

I found these simple puzzle animals that helps with fine motor control and problem solving. They are the perfect size for little hands and great to stuff into diaper bags

Happy Travels!!!

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