Little Land Play Gym (Austin/Leander)

We recently had a chance to explore Little Land and we had tons of fun learning and playing. Our little ones favorite here was the ball pit and swings. We just love indoor playscapes especially during those hot Texas summer days.

Baby play area (for babies 0-24months)

This “safe zone”area for babies is great since they wont get knocked over by the big kids. There is a baby climbing area and a baby slide made of foam. They also have soft baby toys and a baby piano. Its a great area for little ones to crawl around and explore

Sensory Room

I was actually a little disappointed with this room but it has great potential to add more sensory activities for babies. They have few electric bubble tubes with changing colors. The whole room also has flashing lights and a dim atmosphere. There are soft penguins to touch and explore and a cute ball pit.

Activity area

This area had lots of activities for pretend play which included a mini kitchen, pretend play outfits, cleaning materials and toy puzzles. Our little one can spend hours in this area just cooking away, washing and baking. I had to drag little one away when it was time to go.

These are just few highlights that stood out along with the usual toys, books, jumping areas and playscapes found in little gyms.

The entrance fee was based on age (see below for rates). There is also a small lounge area in the front, if you wish to stay longer but would like to have a meal or snack, you can use this area. They also have areas where you can hold birthday parties and small events.

Overall we loved how neat the area was, the staff was trying their best to keep up with the messy kids. They were friendly and cheerful and we enjoyed our time there.

Friendly reminder: Dont forget to bring socks for you and your little one or else will have to pay $2 to get them (if its your first visit, they might be courteous to loan a pair for first time). The cost I thought was fair.

Single & Multiple Visit Passes

Single Visit Pass

0 to 12 months: $5 (free with sibling) 13 to 23 months: $9 24 months +: $12 No time limits. No charge for adults.

5-Visit Passes

0 to 12 months: $21 13 to 23 months: $38 24 months +: $51 No time limits. No charge for adults.

10-Visit Passes

0 to 12 months: $40 13 to 23 months: $72 24 months +: $96 No time limits. No charge for adults.

They have membership options too if you are intrested, check out their website for more info: .

Leander location Contact info: Ph: 512-806-0464


Little Land Play Gym | Leander
14005 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Suite A, Leander, TX 78641 Address

They also hold events throughout the year like ice cream Sundays, reading time, egg hunt etc which we are hoping to join in the coming months.

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