Thinkery Austin – A fun indoor space for kids

We got to explore Thinkery for the first time few weeks ago. We were looking for fun stuff we could do on hot Texas summer days and this was a great choice. We went there early morning since they have a “baby bloomers” session on Saturdays 9am – 10am (also on some weekdays). This hour before the thinkery opens to all the big kiddos helps the little explorers (age 0-24 months) take over the play areas. They also had set up baby specific stations around the hallway such as sensory bins, craft and drawing areas for little ones. The entire second floor was dedicated to “baby bloomers” during that hour.

Our little girl loves the kitchen area, so this was was our first stop. They had everything kid level, where they could go grocery shopping, cook and serve too. Then we headed to the matted play area with lots of mazes , tumbling areas and sensory toys. This area got a little crowded when we were there, since it was summer and also the weekend. So we went over to the water play area where they had rain coats and shoes for little ones to wear before getting wet and messy. Our little one loved the water and drums and water toys. Its definitely not easy getting the kids out of this area when they are having fun. I would recommend going to this area last if you can.

We also explored the first floor area, but I think the bigger toddlers (ages 4+) would enjoy this area more. She still had fun at the air pressure balls station, we looked around the light room and the earth room and played with the blocks and magnetic tiles. You definitely need almost the entire day to explore the whole area. I like how we can get the tickets in the morning and are free to get outside and come back, thats a major plus when your toddler is hungry or need to nap.. We will definitely come back when she is older and can enjoy more of the learning toys here.

A bonus to our trip here was the mueller park that was across the street from Thinkery and the beautiful lake with a trail around it. It was an overcast day when we went, so we got to enjoy walking the trails, seeing the ducks and running around the green grassy area.

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