Color sorting activities for toddlers

We are learning our colors now and here are few activities we have been loving lately!! These are few easy DIYs and a simple toy which has been helping us a lot in learning our colors with 20 month old baby K.

  1. Pipe cleaners and egg cartons

For this simple activity pain egg cartons in different colors and poke a hole in middle. Use pipe cleaners to match colors. I would recommend cutting the pipe cleaners for easier grab. We also used colored q-tips as an alternative in place of pipe cleaners. Skills learned from this activity include: Fine motor control and Color recognition

2. Muffin pans and Poker Chips

Muffin pans and poker chips activity really keeps my toddler busy and helps learn while I’m cooking. WIN WIN 🙂 For this activity, have the toddler sort colors into different slots with poker chips. You can also use pom pom balls instead of poker chips for this activity. Skills learned from this activity: Color recognition

3. Spike the Fine motor Hedgehog

Spike the hedgehog is one versatile toy we love by learning resources. This hedgehog and its spikes are easy to handle for toddlers and it can help learn colors and create patterns. It also comes with a storage space for the spikes inside the shell. Skills learned from this activity: Color recognition, Pattern recognition, Fine motor control

I hope you find our little DIYs helpful, will share more of these learning activities in upcoming posts. Stay tuned!

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