Toddler activity favorites – 20 month old

This week we have been learning numbers and we started off learning with this puzzle from iplayilearntoys. This puzzle has helped Baby K recognize the numbers and she has also started saying zero, three, nine and six. This was the first puzzle we bought for her. I have been wanting to introduce a real puzzle board for Baby K ever since she turned 18 months. She had this simple 2 piece 3D animal puzzle from Melissa & Doug we bought for her when she was 12 months and she loved it so much. We did a lot of activities with it including matching those farm animals with the pictures in the first 100 words book.

We knew we wanted to get an animal puzzle for her and I searched a lot online and tried to find the best one for her. This puzzle has quite a lot of good points I loved about it and some stuff I wish they improved upon, but then again nothings perfect right!

iPlay iLearn Wooden Puzzle


  1. It is a safe wooden toy that comes in the right size for 1-3 year old toddlers.
  2. The number puzzle comes with peg, that makes it easy to grab
  3. The alphabet puzzle also comes with a magnetic part you can stick on, if you like to use it for refrigerator
  4. Promotes imagination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, basic cognitive skills, problem-solving, number recognition, counting, early math skills, letter recognition, color recognition, visual perception, and phonetic awareness.
  5. Animals that are on the letters and numbers can help keep the attention of young toddlers


  1. The alphabet puzzle does not come with a peg, so the toddler will need an adults help to take them out
  2. Some of the alphabet letters are not in the proper shape. Since they incorporated animals into the alphabets some of the alphabets may look a little weird, you can check it out in the pics and judge for yourself
  3. The number puzzle does not come with magnetic part


We also loved our fine motor control activity we discovered this week through Instagram. All you need is a funnel and some q-tips. Let your toddler drop the q-tips through the funnel into a bowl or a tall container. Its not as easy as it looks for a young toddler, it helps develop lots of fine motor control and coordination. This activity kept my little one busy for a good 15 minutes while I was cooking and I could not be more thankful!!

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