Simple alphabet recognition activities for toddlers

Baby K is 21 months now, and it’s such a delight to see her recognize alphabets and numbers. Now she starts pointing at alphabets she recognize on number plates, name boards, books and what not. I love seeing that twinkle in her eyes when she is able to recognize them, its like she is finally starting to make sense of the world. She started showing interest in alphabets and numbers after we introduced her to this wooden puzzle which is still one of her favorites. So here are the 2 alphabet activities we loved this week.

  1. Alphabet scavenger hunt in bubble sensory bin

Sensory bins are without doubt one of the most important developmental tools for toddlers and babies. Getting them to touch and sense different textures and materials helps in their development. This activity was inspired from Pinterest and I am so glad I tried it today, it kept my little one happy and attentive for a record time.

Things needed for this activity:

  • Foam letters
  • Bubbles (I got some water in a bucket, put some baby shampoo in it and used the spray faucet to fill some more water and this gave me lots of bubbles!!
  • A bin or pan for the scavenger hunt.
  • sheet of paper with all alphabets traced out ( i used the foam letters to trace)
  • A separate bin with clean water
  1. Keep all materials in a reachable distance for toddler. Once you have the bubbles, transfer them to the bin or pan you will be using for the scavenger hunt. This worked better than having all the water, which will lead to splashing and lose interest in the activity planned!. We did this activity in our patio outdoors.
  2. Have toddler reach into the bubbles and get an alphabet, then wash in the clean water and have them match it to the traced letters on paper

Thats it, its simple and fun. Baby K had so much fun feeling those bubbles between her fingers and washing the letters than matching. But I love how interested she was in the activity, we will be doing them again soon. As a bonus you could also use these foam letters to reinforce colors too.

2. Matching alphabet dots

These dot stickers are so versatile, there are so many activities you can create with them. For this activity I wrote down the alphabets she has learned for the day on these dot stickers, we had a cardboard with those alphabets listed in columns and asked Baby K to match the letters on the dot stickers with the alphabets in columns. I would recommend to stick to few letters while doing this activity. This will be a great activity when they are just starting out recognizing alphabets.

Hope you give these a try, we will be doing more such activities and sharing here..

Happy Friday!

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