Your Birthday Book – A Keepsake Journal : Review

Your birthday book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal was a random Amazon find which is truly a treasure you can create for your kids. Its a keepsake journal of your kids birthdays from birth to 18 years. I think it would make the best 18th birthday gift for any kid.

What this book contains:

  • Yearly birthday pages : A place to jot down the details of the birthday party each year
  • Photo page: To attach a photo of child each year
  • Exclusive interview page: Has a set of questions for each year appropriate for that age. Some of the questions on this page may not be something I would ask my child every year like “who is the last person you kissed”!
  • Time capsule: A place to include random things special for that particular year
  • Bonus page: Few fun activity pages to let out kids creativity

I think the best part about this book is the “time capsule”. For each year, there is a little pocket where you can store little items like drawings, hand prints etc which you then seal up to only be opened for 18th birthday. It also gives suggestions for each year, what you can include in those “time capsule” pockets.

The book is also great quality with thick binding which will definitely stand the test of time. If you have read my first blog post, you know how much cherishing these memories means to me, so I am pretty excited about this book and cant wait to fill it up with memories.

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