Creating an eco-friendly home

When we bought our first house few years ago, it was our first experience buying all the big stuff..furnitures, home decors, storage organizers! We used to live in an apartment before just like college kids in a dormitory. When we have all these huge purchases, we have a choice to make with each thing we bring into our home. The things we buy will be what we live around and create our new family around. It was stressful and we made lots of mistakes and learned from them as new home owners.

While creating my new kitchen, what I always wanted was an organized pantry and spice shelf, it makes cooking fun and smooth. It took some time to label out all my spices and try to organize my small pantry, but it was well worth it. I used small glass jars from IKEA for my spices.

Its very important what you choose to store your food items, especially spices, always choose glass or stainless steel.

For my pantry, I bought most of my containers from Walmart. You can find similar ones here.

I also started researching more about sustainable options for home and came across a local company with a great eco friendly mission called @ecozoi, I will list out some of their sustainable options, personally I have only tried their bamboo cutting board which was kindly gifted and I use them exclusively for meal prepping.

  • Ecozoi bamboo cutting board:
  • A compartmentalized cutting board which comes handy while meal prepping. You can cut each veggies into compartments and also use one of the compartments for scraps! It makes prepping and cleaning so much faster.
  • Ecozoi stainless steel lunch boxes:
  • I have this on my wish list for when my baby starts pre-school next year. Stainless steel lunch boxes are the best alternatives to plastic for toddlers. It also has compartments for different types of food.
  • Ecozoi reusable produce bags:
  • Ecozoi beeswax food wraps:

This is a great alternative to cling wraps for multiple storage uses in the kitchen.

Recently I have been trying to replace even my BPA free plastic with glass, bamboo or stainless steel. Did you know even BPA free plastic has been proven to not be safe? Read more about it here. It was a scary wake up call for me as a new mom. This was the moment when I decided to go completely #plasticfree. So I went on a ditching spree with my storage containers, measuring cups, cutting boards, babies sippy cups!! I replaced them with glass storage containers, steel measuring cups, bamboo plates, bamboo cutting boards, stainless steel sippy cups. I will be writing a detailed post soon on sustainable baby products!

Deciding to go eco-friendly is a big lifestyle change and it takes constant effort from our part to produce as much less waste and go #plasticfree, but don’t think these little steps don’t matter, remember our children are watching and the cumulative effect over a lifetime does counts!

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