Being positive and mindful in the midst of corona season

I cant think of any other event that happened in our lifetime that had this kind of effect. We have had natural disasters and other calamities that affect us, or another part of the world. But this is different, we are all in this together!

As part of the social distancing measures and school closures all over the world, most of us are forced to step away from our routines and spend more time with our families. People who usually have to do work related travel now get to spend time with their families. I get to share the same feelings and struggles with moms in different corners of the world, thanks to the instagram mom community.

At this time, also please keep the health professionals in your prayers. Social distancing is not an option for some of us, we have to be there for our patients to provide care at this time of need. I was heavy hearted and worried at first but now feel relief thinking its our call of duty. It reminds me of the ‘oath of the pharmacist’. All health professional have taken a similar oath at the time of graduation. Thinking of it from the service stand point always helps us all be in a better state of mind.

“I promise to devote myself to a lifetime of service to others through the profession of pharmacy. In fulfilling this vow: I will consider the welfare of humanity and relief of suffering my primary concerns”

Our health systems will be overwhelmed if the cases rise in the coming days. Lets all do our part for the humanity by helping to “flatten the curve”. Avoid situations that will make us vectors of this virus and spread it to the most vulnerable. #oneforallallforone

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