Gardening with kids

Spring is extra special when I am able to share my passion for gardening with my little one. Last spring, she had just started walking and could barely lift the watering can. Now she is my little helper with digging and watering.

Gardening is one of the best activities you can do with kids

  1. It helps them be healthy eaters

When they are involved in growing those vegetables, they are more likely to eat them too (tried and tested). Have them involved in the process of planting those seeds or plant saplings, have them care for it and watch it grow. They will be so happy to pluck them when they are ripe and maybe eat them right away or save for later.

2. It engages all senses

Nature is the best interactive playgroud for kids. Gardening engages all of their senses which is a crucial in their developmental process.

3. Improves immune system

More exposure to nature and dirt has been shown to improve immune system. In this age of chlorinated water and sanitized environments, children are least exposed to the billions of organisms that live in soil. This hyper clean environment can cause our immune system to not work to its full capacity which can in turn cause disorders like asthma. The hygiene hypothesis is a great read to learn more on how modern living affects our immune system.

4. Teaches them to be responsible earth citizens

Preserving our mother earth is totally upto us humans and its so important to nurture that responsibility in kids at a young age. They will learn how even simple things like planting a tree or growing our own vegetables can have a huge impact on our environment

5. Helps them stay active

Gardening helps to burn off some energy. We are all guilty of spending too much time indoors and on screens which halts the development of young minds. Have them explore nature and have fun at the same time.

6. Improves mood and sleep

When you are having a fussy kid with lots of tantrums, try taking them out on a walk or spend some time in the garden. It always works like magic, nature has a ways of soothing minds and improving mood. It has been proven to improve the quality of sleep too. After a day of digging and planting, they will be so tired which really helps them sleep faster too.

7. Family bonding

Try making gardening a family outdoor event. Its a great bonding activity for all members of the family.

8. Boosts self confidence

A child can gain so much confidence watching what they planted grow and bear fruits/veggies. Let them take pictures with their hard earned harvests. It gives such a sense of accomplishment for them.

9. Teaches patience

When I have my little toddler plant seeds and water them. She is so eager to see the little plants come up, but it takes time. We are also teaching them patience in this process of growing.

10. Teaches them to be responsible and caring

Gardening is a day to day task you have to keep up with. We are teaching our young toddlers the importance of keeping up with caring for our plants to help them thrive. Remembering to water the plants and paying attention to the conditions that affect their wellbeing are all little skills they will learn through gardening.

A garden does not have to be a spacious backyard. Even if you live in a small space, you can start by planting indoors in small containers or on window sills.

Nature is the best soul food. Lets all try to create more memories in the garden and raise environmental stewards ❤

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