Happy Earth Day

If we all got another chance to start over from Dec 2019, there is so much us humans could have done as a whole to prevent what just happened around the world with this pandemic which is costing precious lives and too many livelihoods.⠀

There were so many warning signs that were raised by experts that got ignored and in some cases got suppressed. ⠀

Can we relate this to our global warming situation? Another disaster that is brewing right before us and yet some choose to ignore!⠀

Despite warnings, contracts to reduce carbon emissions being taken away, environmental protection laws being waived all of which for a political gain or to please a business power.⠀

It’s so sad when you have to think back after a catastrophic event and realize it could have been prevented..just like this pandemic..⠀

We have all been given a chance to pause, change perspectives and start over. We have a great power as parents in raising environmental stewards and incorporating small ways of change in our daily life.

It’s still not too late..Let’s keep the blue skies and clear waters!⠀

Happy Earth Day 🌎 ⠀

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