Book review: There is a bear on my chair by Ross Collins

Age: 2+

Toddlers thrive on monotony! A little deviation from the routines is all it takes for a meltdown.

The main reason I got this book was because of the title. During mealtimes both me and hubby usually sits at the same chair. If for some reason we sat on each others chair our little one will surely call us out on it.

This book is about a bear who sat in a mouse chair. The mouse is trying different ways to get the bear off of his chair. But the bear doesn’t see the mouse at all and is busy in his own world.

The mouse then tries to lure the bear with a pear, then tries to scare him. Nothing seems to work on that bear

Finally the mouse gives up and goes away. Bear also finally gets up and decides to go home. When he got home, guess what? There is a mouse in his house!

As you can tell it’s a simple fun story that kids will enjoy. It also has a good rhyme and repetitive phrases to read along

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