Book review: The day the crayons quit by Drew Daywalt

Age: 3+

One day a boy named Duncan opened up his crayon box to color and found a stack of letters.

It was letters from the crayons.

(Check out my instagram post on the book for more inside pics of book)

There is a letter from the red crayon who says its over worked because of all the coloring in fire engines, fire trucks and all. He is tired of even working the holidays, coloring in Santas for Christmas and hearts on valentines day.

Gray crayon also is tired because Duncan loves drawing big animals like whales and elephants and color them grey. Grey crayon suggests that Duncan should consider coloring baby penguins or tiny rocks for a change.

Then there is yellow and orange crayons who are both in an argument that the sun is yellow vs orange.

All the letters are written with a good humor and in a child’s handwriting. Its very different and also fun to read.

This book sparks imagination and pretend stories. We are definitely at the age of pretend stories so I knew little one would enjoy this book. But I have to paraphrase this book since the reading level is for more older toddlers.

I also love this book since I get to refer to it when my little one is harsh with her colors. Do check it out.

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