Austin spotlight: Mayfield park and Nature Preserve

When in Austin one of the first highlights you need to visit is Mt.Bonnel. Its the best scenic view point of Austin especially great for a sunrise or sunset (a detailed post on this Austin spotlight coming soon)

A mile away from Mt.Bonnel is another nature gem, Mayfield park and nature preserve. This is a free park with a historic cottage, wildflowers, cottage garden, tall palm trees, koi pond and the beautiful peacocks that simply roam around the park.

We have made several trips to this park before but it had been so long and little one had not had the up close and personal experience with the peacocks. It was also surprisingly milder weather in Austin this weekend for this time of year. So we decided to make a trip to this historic park, which was also our first outing with little one since the dawn of corona season.

It was not too crowded and its an open environment which made us feel comfortable enough to take little one briefly. Just had to remember to go early in the morning, walk and stay away from other people and also sanitize if you touch the gate at entrance (or just open it with foot like a lot of people were doing 😉

We walked along the side walks around the cottage and little one had fun seeing peacocks so close. We also spend some time admiring the fishes in the koi pond. There is also a short 1 mile trail which is perfect for toddlers. We did not get to explore the trail this time since it was starting to get hot but hope to do so soon.

Also warn your little ones that peacocks cry pretty loud, that way they don’t get startled when they hear it.

They have lots of shaded areas and benches where you can have a picnic. They also have lots of photo op areas with a little castle and an arch.

PS: I would also recommend going during spring or summer. We once went during October and it was after the peacocks had shed their beautiful feathers. It was such a bummer.

The park is open daily 5am-10pm and the historic cottage is available for reservations for small events. Check out for more info.

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