Visual shopping list

A fun addition to pretend play shopping for toddlers.  

Here are 2 variations you can do with this activity.

  1. Shop the items from list 
    A fun little activity to collect items on list to go along with our pretend shoppings. Scatter the items in different areas of house for them to find if you want to make this activity last longer 😁
  2. Count and shop 
    A learning twist to help recognize numbers and count

I used Velcro stickers for one of each item, so that we can change up the shopping list for future plays

You can also use toy fruits and veggies or do a print out of these fruits and veggies instead of drawing on cardboard like I did.

Here is a free printable of the “count and shop” list. Don’t forget to share your feedback and tag us when you try the activity.

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