Papa please get the moon for me by Eric Carle

A sweet book about the extents a father goes to grant his little daughters wish.

Little Monica wished she could get the moon in her hands to play with.  But no matter how much she stretched she couldn’t reach the moon.

So she asked her father “papa, would you get the moon for me”.

In a blink papa set out on a mission to get the moon.  He got a long long ladder.  Put it on top of the mountain and climbed up to the moon.

When he got to the moon he realized it’s too big.  But the moon told him, not to worry and that it will get smaller every night. Once it gets to a small enough size, he can take it.

Well that’s a good plan, thought papa and he waited until the moon got small enough to carry it down to her daughter.

Monica started playing with the moon. But the moon started getting smaller and smaller and it finally disappears.

Then one night, Monica notices a small silver lining in the sky. It grew bigger and bigger each night, until it became the big round moon.

This is a fun interactive book with pages that flips and opens to keep the kids engaged.

It also introduces the concept of different moon phases.  

It helps little ones notice how the moon changes in shape and size every night.

Illustrations in this book are the best like all Eric Carle books.

Little one was also so intrigued to follow the cat in each page. The cat has nothing to do with the story but its just there in most of the pages!! (We love making our own stories around the cat though. We did the same with a hidden mouse in the “good night moon” book)

We also did our version of a #bookishart which turned into our Father’s Day card.

PS: Happy Fathers Day to all the super dads out there 🙂

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