Rainbow fish : Bookish play

Rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister

Rainbow fish was the most beautiful fish of the sea but he refused to share his shining scales which then causes all the other fishes to leave him alone. He soon realizes the importance of sharing and how sharing makes us happy.

This book is a beautiful story to teach about friendships and kindness to little ones. Sharing is a hard to implement concept with toddlers but these books are our way of trying to influence and change that “all mine” attitude.

We also did our first coding activity to go along with this story. A simple activity that combines number and color recognition. You could also use a dice for added counting practice.

Step by step instructions

  • First cut out different colored circles from colored copy paper. I used 6 colors here.
  • Then make an outline of the rainbow fish and randomly mark each scale with numbers 1-6
  • Create a color coded sheet with numbers
  • You can demonstrate few times how to color code with numbers. Then have the toddler stick the correct color to the corresponding number

These coding activities have so many benefits for kids:

  • It helps them develop problem solving skills
  • It facilitates creativity
  • It helps children with developing math skills

This was our first attempt at a coding activity and we thoroughly enjoyed this bookish play.

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