Quinoa Veggie Bites

Quinoa is one of the most nutritious food you can incorporate in your meals because of its unique nutrient content. Especially great for vegetarians since it is a good source of protein. There is no other plant food that contains all nine amino acids as quinoa does. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, iron, B-vitamins, calcium, phosphorous and antioxidants. This is one of the … Continue reading Quinoa Veggie Bites

Being positive and mindful in the midst of corona season

I cant think of any other event that happened in our lifetime that had this kind of effect. We have had natural disasters and other calamities that affect us, or another part of the world. But this is different, we are all in this together! As part of the social distancing measures and school closures all over the world, most of us are forced to … Continue reading Being positive and mindful in the midst of corona season

Four Seasons Activity

Thanks to the one hour daylight savings time change that happened this past weekend, all our bedtimes and sleep routines went haywire. This one hour change that happens twice a year probably has the most impact on babies and toddlers (and poor parents). I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce “seasons” to little one and help her understand the four seasons and … Continue reading Four Seasons Activity

Pencil grasp development activities for young toddlers

Pencil grasp development is a huge milestone for toddlers but they don get there overnight. This is something they start working on as a baby while grasping on to things and also through crawling and other gross motor activities. It takes a lot of arm, shoulder, core, hand and finger muscle control to get to a mature level of fine motor control. It is a … Continue reading Pencil grasp development activities for young toddlers

Toddler book review – Baby Animals

Baby Animals by Auzou Age: 18+ months A simple interactive book for toddlers to learn animal baby names and animal homes. We loved the finger controlled interactive pages. Our favorite was the cute bear climbing the tree. This is one of those books that is open ended, it has no story line just few engaging pages. Its a great interactive book for young toddlers to … Continue reading Toddler book review – Baby Animals

Apple Rose Tartlets Recipe – Valentines treat

Every year around Valentines, even long before I ever had a valentine, I made something special around this time. It’s for my mom, whose birthday happen to be around Valentines. Growing up my memories of all interactions with mom are in the kitchen. She is always in the kitchen making something. She expresses her love through the food she makes. This treat is for my … Continue reading Apple Rose Tartlets Recipe – Valentines treat

Advent Day 2: Christmas sensory basket

“Exercises that develop your children’s sensory awareness will help them to appreciate their world much more fully for the rest of their lives” -Tim Seldin On Day 2 of Advent we made a Christmas sensory basket with winter/holiday themed items for little one to explore which included: A small velvet stocking Colorful ribbons Small pine cones (be sure to select the non spikey ones) Non … Continue reading Advent Day 2: Christmas sensory basket

25 days of toddler advent activities

Christmas is the most magical through the eyes of a child. This advent calendar activity list is a great way to introduce family traditions and fun activities to get them into Christmas spirit. Instead of chocolates and gifts, this advent calendar is filled with activities you can do together as a family. Here is what I have planned for 25 days of advent: I will … Continue reading 25 days of toddler advent activities