Fall crafts and fall vibes

It is hard to believe we are inching towards the end of 2020. Today is first day of fall, a brand new season when we get to enjoy natures spectacular display of colors before everything turns grey. Fall always brings along such warm cozy feelings. Everything about this season reminds us the beauty of change and letting go. This was the first year I got … Continue reading Fall crafts and fall vibes

DIY shoe box organizer

This shoebox DIY storage is an alternate solution to those plastic storage boxes to categorize and organize around the house. ⠀⠀They are pretty easy to make too. You could even get your kids involved in the making if they are old enough to roll these paper rolls and glue them. And could add it as a storage for their room or closet.⠀⠀Here’s what you need … Continue reading DIY shoe box organizer

A nest is noisy book review and bookish play

One of the routines that has become part of our mornings these days is bird watching.  It started as this moms desperate way of trying to get the daughter to drink her milk. After our breakfast we would go to the front porch, watch the birds on the trees and neighbors roofs and we would make up stories around some of those bird families.  And … Continue reading A nest is noisy book review and bookish play

Four Seasons Activity

Thanks to the one hour daylight savings time change that happened this past weekend, all our bedtimes and sleep routines went haywire. This one hour change that happens twice a year probably has the most impact on babies and toddlers (and poor parents). I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce “seasons” to little one and help her understand the four seasons and … Continue reading Four Seasons Activity

Pencil grasp development activities for young toddlers

Pencil grasp development is a huge milestone for toddlers but they don get there overnight. This is something they start working on as a baby while grasping on to things and also through crawling and other gross motor activities. It takes a lot of arm, shoulder, core, hand and finger muscle control to get to a mature level of fine motor control. It is a … Continue reading Pencil grasp development activities for young toddlers