Quinoa Veggie Bites

Quinoa is one of the most nutritious food you can incorporate in your meals because of its unique nutrient content. Especially great for vegetarians since it is a good source of protein. There is no other plant food that contains all nine amino acids as quinoa does. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, iron, B-vitamins, calcium, phosphorous and antioxidants. This is one of the … Continue reading Quinoa Veggie Bites

Apple Rose Tartlets Recipe – Valentines treat

Every year around Valentines, even long before I ever had a valentine, I made something special around this time. It’s for my mom, whose birthday happen to be around Valentines. Growing up my memories of all interactions with mom are in the kitchen. She is always in the kitchen making something. She expresses her love through the food she makes. This treat is for my … Continue reading Apple Rose Tartlets Recipe – Valentines treat

Cauliflower broccoli quesadillas

My husband and I used to eat chapathis every single day for dinner before our little one came along. She of course needs variety everyday. I came across this recipe through c4cooking youtube channel. Its simple yet healthy for kids. Here is how I made them, do give it a try and please share on Instagram and tag me @motherhoodtales101 if you make it. Ingredients:1/2 … Continue reading Cauliflower broccoli quesadillas

Egg puffs Recipe – Toddler snack

Egg puffs is a nostalgic snack for me because, it reminds me of school days when our mom always used to have this for us as an after school snack. These puff pastries can really get messy but its yummy and filling with its flaky crisp crust and savory filling. Do give it a try if you love savory snacks! Ingredients: 6 puff pastry squares … Continue reading Egg puffs Recipe – Toddler snack

Wheat Egg spinach Dosa

Dosa or Indian crepes are a popular breakfast dish in India and its wholesome, filling and versatile. There are so many kinds of dosas you can make according to your taste. Today I’m sharing a wheat egg spinach dosa recipe which was inspired from hebbars kitchen. What I love about this dosa is that it doesn’t require the usual fermentation process like the traditional dosa … Continue reading Wheat Egg spinach Dosa