Cauliflower broccoli quesadillas

My husband and I used to eat chapathis every single day for dinner before our little one came along. She of course needs variety everyday. I came across this recipe through c4cooking youtube channel. Its simple yet healthy for kids. Here is how I made them, do give it a try and please share on Instagram and tag me @motherhoodtales101 if you make it. Ingredients:1/2 … Continue reading Cauliflower broccoli quesadillas

Wheat Egg spinach Dosa

Dosa or Indian crepes are a popular breakfast dish in India and its wholesome, filling and versatile. There are so many kinds of dosas you can make according to your taste. Today I’m sharing a wheat egg spinach dosa recipe which was inspired from hebbars kitchen. What I love about this dosa is that it doesn’t require the usual fermentation process like the traditional dosa … Continue reading Wheat Egg spinach Dosa