Rainbow fish : Bookish play

Rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister Rainbow fish was the most beautiful fish of the sea but he refused to share his shining scales which then causes all the other fishes to leave him alone. He soon realizes the importance of sharing and how sharing makes us happy. This book is a beautiful story to teach about friendships and kindness to little ones. Sharing is a … Continue reading Rainbow fish : Bookish play

Four Seasons Activity

Thanks to the one hour daylight savings time change that happened this past weekend, all our bedtimes and sleep routines went haywire. This one hour change that happens twice a year probably has the most impact on babies and toddlers (and poor parents). I thought this would be the perfect time to introduce “seasons” to little one and help her understand the four seasons and … Continue reading Four Seasons Activity

Simple alphabet recognition activities for toddlers

Baby K is 21 months now, and it’s such a delight to see her recognize alphabets and numbers. Now she starts pointing at alphabets she recognize on number plates, name boards, books and what not. I love seeing that twinkle in her eyes when she is able to recognize them, its like she is finally starting to make sense of the world. She started showing … Continue reading Simple alphabet recognition activities for toddlers

Little Land Play Gym (Austin/Leander)

We recently had a chance to explore Little Land and we had tons of fun learning and playing. Our little ones favorite here was the ball pit and swings. We just love indoor playscapes especially during those hot Texas summer days. Baby play area (for babies 0-24months) This “safe zone”area for babies is great since they wont get knocked over by the big kids. There … Continue reading Little Land Play Gym (Austin/Leander)