New rays of hope

Turning the page to a brand new year is always so inspiring and refreshing. This new year 2021 and the ray of hope it brings is something that all of humanity have been desperately seeking for.

This past week I got to see that ray of hope coming to life as we began our COVID vaccine clinics for nursing homes, long term care facilities and for employees at our pharmacy. We still have so many uncertainties in front of us but after going through 2020, it feels ok to be uncertain, I see it as a true test of faith when you have to take those first steps without being in control or knowing whats next…

Most of us will remember 2020 for the challenges it brought to all our lives but in retrospect I feel there were so many blessings in disguise that this past year brought.

  • Thank you 2020 for the lessons you taught and for the new perspectives you gave
  • It was a year of finding joy in little things and finding self worth
  • Finding peace and letting go of negative thoughts and hurtful memories
  • Spending more time with people I love and connecting with a tribe of positive souls
  • Learning to live with gratitude

I know for sure I needed this pause from the rat race. Rather than thinking of all the things we missed doing this past year, I am now able to think of the positive effects it has brought. For that change in perspective, I will be forever grateful to 2020!

Happy New Year wishes and lots of love

Ninz 🙂

One thought on “New rays of hope

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