Best apps for New moms

I can still remember how lost we felt as new and first time parents at the end of pregnancy and start of parenthood. We both had not much idea about parenthood but we took it one day at a time. Here I am sharing few apps we found very useful at that time with a newborn, I hope it helps atleast some of you out there.

1)Baby Center

We learned about baby center during pregnancy through our ob/gyn as a resource for labor and delivery. Baby center is a great place to start, where you can see how your baby is growing in your womb and get updates on what developments they are going through at that stage. You can also keep track of your pregnancy symptoms, weight, diet etc here. Baby Center also have birthing classes and videos to help you get prepared before the baby comes and it has a vast array of other resources for new parents.

After our baby arrived, we learned about another feature on there under sleep tools called lullabies, which happened to be our baby’s favorite as a new born to help sleep. Moreover my favorite part was the “birth club”, its their forum where you can meet other moms who have due dates around yours. It helped me so much to read and learn through other moms experiences in their pregnancies and you can also ask any questions there related to your new born. During those long nights with a new born, it helped so much to read about how other moms cope and get tips on surviving new motherhood. Just having that sense of community is one of the best things a new mom can ask for!!

2) Wonder Weeks

Wonder Weeks is another free app which lets you keep track of baby’s milestones and leaps. This was so important as a new mom. You think you got the motherhood thing down and then you start experiencing those physical and mental leaps with baby which throws you off all the routines and patterns. Wonder weeks helps you guide through those leaps and helps you understand what exactly your baby is going through in those stages. Its always an “aha” moment for us when we notice our baby’s sleep pattern thrown off or personality just changes out of no where and you refer the wonder weeks apps and most certainly they are in the middle of a leap.

3) Baby Tracker

During the first few days at the hospital and at the well child visits you will get asked all sorts of questions by your pediatrician like how many times your baby poops, what times do they feed, sleep etc. Your sleep deprived brain can only remember so much. This free app is there to assist you remember all those daily things you need to keep track of for a new born. It also helps if you are breast feeding or pumping to keep track of our milk storage or feedings.

I hope these free apps helps you through the days with a new baby, if you know any other apps feel free to share here.

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